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from H.H. Scott brochure........circa, 1962,


Seal (34499 bytes)"Every H.H. Scott component is furnished with a bonded guarantee to assure you that it meets or exceeds the technical specifications claimed for it. This guarantee is made possible by the stringent quality control tests given each H.H. Scott component before it leaves the factory."


"Component high fidelity reaches far beyond an ordinary phonograph in performance and complexity. When we purchase stereo components, most of us do not have enough technical knowledge to gauge the quality of engineering. Therefore we must rely on the opinions of others in making our decision. We must examine the background and reputation of the company. Let's examine H. H. Scott in light of this:

Recklinghausen in Koss Pro4A's (41247 bytes)Scott engineers analyze problems in fresh ways, solve them through sound engineering techniques. Until Scott, in 1952, solved the engineering problems involved in designing a "flat" amplifier covered with a handsomely styled case, high fidelity components were ugly and bulky . . . a maze of tubes and wires. This Scott innovation was immediately adopted throughout the industry.

Scott_quality_5.JPG (29051 bytes)Scott protects you against obsolescence. In 1954, Scott engineers developed a new kind of circuitry using Wide-Band design. Today, with FM stereo multiplex a reality, Wide-Band design is essential. Scott's pioneering Wide-Band tuner design of eight years ago has become a necessity in good stereo reception


scott_quality_2.JPG (20127 bytes)Scott is equally conservative in advertising claims. Scott insists that every unit off dealers' shelves should exceed advertised specifications . . . these figures should not apply to just a selected engineering master sample. As a result, engineering tests by leading high fidelity publications consistently show ratings better than claimed by Scott.


scott_quality_3.JPG (25378 bytes)Every Scott component receives more than 50 separate quality tests before it leaves the factory. Our test engineers insist on rigid test procedures to assure long trouble-free operating life.



Scott_quality_8.JPG (30139 bytes)Scott feels that its service to the customer begins with his purchase . . . that your problems are our problems. We have many letters from satisfied Scott owners well pleased with our service. Scott has grown over the years because enthusiastic owners recommend Scott to their friends and acquaintances. Before you decide on your high fidelity system, we suggest that you ask the man who owns Scott."


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