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Last updated:
November 24, 2003


Military Service

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Sample Live Acoustic (Folk) Recordings encoded in High Quality VBR100

Average Data Rate Track Title File Size Play Duration
please be patient as files download
VBR MP3 - 195 kbps Good Lovin' Woman - Kathryn Warner 3,321KB 2 mins 18 sec.
VBR MP3 - 137 kbps OutWest - Ken Shaw 4,820KB 4 mins 47sec.
VBR MP3 - 137 kbps An Ode to Alf Engen - Doug Wintch 6,825KB 5 mins 09sec.

Have you ever been disappointed by the quality of MP3 files downloaded from sites such as and If so, it’s because virtually all the files on offer have been encoded at 128kb/s, or worse still, 112kb/s, data rates that compromise many areas of performance, channel separation and high-frequency response for example.

One solution is to encode MP3 files so that the audio is delivered at a higher data rate, 192kb/s or even 320kb/s, but while the level of fidelity is increased, so is the resulting file size.

The MP3 tracks offered here use variable bit rate encoding, abbreviated as ‘VBR’. Specifically, they’re VBR100 files. The encoder only uses the amount of data needed to accurately convey the music, so if the content is a simple piano tone, 96kb/s may be used, but then if a whole orchestra joins in, the data rate is greatly increased. VBR100 files can deliver data at as much as 320kb/s or as little as 10kb/s.

The advantage is that file sizes are kept to a minimum (although they are a little larger than fixed 128kb/s files) but audio quality remains paramount.

Digital recordings or post-production audio engineering completed for the following artists and musicians:

  • Bob Gandy -- New Age, Jazz Piano (post production)
  • Brigham Graff -- Saint Helen  (Studio Recording/post production/CD Master)
  • Byron Dean Beagley -- Mudlarks (post production)
  • Cottonwood High School Choir -- Live Christmas Ensemble/CD Master
  • Flemming Behrend -- Folk, World Traditions (post production)
  • Great Basin Street Band -- Dixieland Jazz (Live recordings)
  • Highland High School Choir -- Live Recordings/Post Production/CD Master
  • Jim Stout -- Bass (Live recordings)
  • John Bateman & Terry Thomas -- Country (post production)
  • Kelly Eisenhour -- Jazz Vocals (Live recordings)
  • Kelly Wallis -- Drums & percussion (Live recordings)
  • Mark Chaney -- Drums & percussion (Live recordings/post production)
  • Pinto Bennett -- Country (post production)
  • Sam Callis -- Country (post production)
  • Sergio Pallotelli -- Classical Flute (Live recordings)
  • Steve Emerson -- Classical Cello (Live recordings)
  • Susanna Graff Karrington -- Classical Piano, MIDI (Live/studio recordings)
  • Unitarian Gospel Choir -- (Live Recordings)
  • Unitarian Youth Choir -- (Studio Recording/Post Production/CD Master)
  • Vince Frates -- Jazz Ensemble/Piano, Gospel Choir (Live recordings)


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