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"Scott . . . where innovation is a tradition."

"H.H. Scott has been a leading manufacturer of superb high fidelity components since 1946. During this period Scott has been responsible for the introduction of many new concepts in both the engineering and design of components."

"H.H. Scott produced the first high fidelity amplifier (in the modern sense of the term). Later, Scott eliminated unsightly wires and tubes by designing the first "flat" amplifier.....bringing high fidelity components from the workshop to the living room. Scott was the first manufacturer to introduce a successful Wide-Band FM tuner, and Scott was first to deliver multiplex adapters and tuners which met the requirements of today's FCC-approved (Zenith/GE) stereo transmission system. And Scott was the first to produce modular tuner-amplifier combinations."

Important Scott industry "Firsts" . . . . .From a Scott brochure -- circa, 1961

Also see the tribute to Daniel R. von Recklinghausen, Chief Research Engineer.

First high fidelity AM/FM tuner using wide-band AM design

First high fidelity tuner manufacturer to incorporate an all-silver plated front-end

First commercially successful use of wide-band circuitry in high fidelity FM tuners

First usable (wide-band) multiplex output on FM tuner

First Dynaural (signal/noise ratio actuated) inter-station noise muting

First to market an FM multiplex stereo tuner and multiplex adaptor employing FCC-approved (Zenith/GE) stereo transmission system, including commercial FM multiplex signal generator

First integrated high fidelity amplifier

First low, flat (slim-line design) high fidelity amplifier

First supersonic cutoff filter for tape recording

First stereo balancing circuitry

First to provide center channel outputs on stereo amplifiers

First wide-range consoles without acoustic feedback



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