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What is the Vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Forum?

VHHScott Forum is a collection of messages posted by various participants. To keep track of those messages and foster meaningful information exchange, VHHScott Forum messages are organized in a hierarchy with four levels:

Message (new topic or response)

You can liken this hierarchy to the relationship of pages in books to the bookcase that houses the book. The bookcase is the board, which houses multiple books, or conferences, on similar or varying subjects. Each book contains chapters with numbers or titles, just as conferences contain topics, with more focused subjects. Each chapter in a book has specific content that relates to the chapter title, just as topics have messages discussing that topic.  So, you might think of the entire VHHScott Forum system as a library! In essence, conferences are the most general, while messages are the most specific.

The VHHScott Forum conferences are set up by moderators. They decide how to arrange the subject matter and conferences. However, you create the topics and messages by posting and replying in conferences that interest you. In essence you help to write the books. Keep in mind that topics should be relevant to the conference and messages should be specific to each topic. You can start a new topic in a conference any time you want to change the subject. As your conference develops with more topics, it begins to resemble a book on a particular subject. The challenge you face as an author is keeping responses to messages on the same topic and knowing when to start a new topic.

The VHHScott Forum organization not only lets you help write the book, it also provides a logical means for you to find information easily-you can zero in on a subject that interests you.  Simply scroll through the topics until you find one that sounds interesting. You can avoid any unnecessary searches through the entire list of conferences and topics.

The VHHScott Forum has conferences serving different purposes. Some conferences may let you read, but not post, new topics and messages. For example, you may only read and review the VHHScott List Serv Archives. New topics can be posted by members in the other appropriate Conferences. The VHHScott Forum administrator and board managers configure the settings that control board and conference types. You don't need to know about the settings, but you do need to understand how your work with VHHScott Forum may vary depending on those settings.


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