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1967 Sportsman LDFV © L.Shuster

Last Updated:

22 December 2006


The values herein given are estimates and are based on a review of the vessel’s condition, location, type, vintage, and equipment, using a comparison approach to evaluation.

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Original 1966-67 purchase price (boat – trailer): 

$4,800 (est.)

Estimated present fair market value (boat – trailer – covers): 


Estimated replacement value (boat – trailer – covers):  

$3500 -  $7,500

Note: This model no longer in production.
Based on estimated amount to purchase a
vintage or similar or same model in good
order and comparably equipped as of this date.

Estimated reconstruction value (boat & covers):




Note: This model is no longer in production. Cost to purchase a new 2004, similar size and type design vessel.

Orderly liquidation value (boat – trailer – covers):


Note: Based on the amount one might receive
If vessel is sold at an auction on an “as-is,”
”where-is,” basis to the highest bidder.


“Blue Book” value (boat – trailer – covers):

 $ unknown