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1967 Sportsman LDFV  L.Shuster
OMC Manual

Last Updated:

22 December 2006

OMC custom-designed, Evinrude - Johnson trailers

OMC was one of the first suppliers to offer a completely integrated (factory-rigged) package, consisting of boat, trailer and propulsion unit. The OMC trailers were only designed to work with the unique "gull-wing" tri-hull. However, our 1966 Evinrude Sportsman was originally sold with a 1967 Little Dude, of Ft. Worth, Texas, tilt-bed trailer.

The OMC trailers had several innovative features, including extremely robust build quality, optional surge-actuated disc brakes, TorFlex, rubber-isolated independent suspension, and crank-assisted tilt beds. However the Evinrude - Johnson trailers did have some drawbacks: Notably a narrow axle track width, and rather small, by today's standards, 9-inch (14/16/17-ft boats) or 10-inch (19-ft boats) diameter wheels, and relatively poor hull support via minimum roller coverage. View OMC Trailer Owners Manual.

Photo Boat Models Cost New
14-Foot 14_OMC_s.jpg (36938 bytes) Sport-14, Ski Lark, Playmate,

$525.00 (w/ Disc Brakes)
16-Foot 16_OMC_s.jpg (46870 bytes) Sweet-16, Sport-16, Sportsman, Explorer, Reveler, SeaSport, FrontRunner $485.00

$595.00 (w/Disc Brakes)
17-Foot Similar to 16-Ft Deluxe, Dual Deluxe, Custom, Runabout, SeaSport
19-Foot 19_OMC_s.jpg (24925 bytes) Rogue, Rogue II,
Rogue Sport Fisherman, Dolphin, Surfer, Surfer II, 191
(Brakes Std.)