Mooring Covers

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1967 Sportsman LDFV  L.Shuster

Last Updated:

22 December 2006

Bow-Area Tonneau Cover

An accurate reproduction of original cover, this custom-tailored bow-area tonneau cover uses modern Sunbrella Sky Blue (#4624) material. The cover retains the original snap placement and the zipper for mounting the navigation light mast. Velcro straps permit storing the rolled cover, directly under the helm-side windshield. Two, loop straps with snaps permit storage of the rolled cover to the base of the helm-side windshield.

DCP_0134.JPG (630345 bytes)

Main Mooring Cover

Also custom-tailored using Sunbrella Sky Blue material. Snaps to base of windshield and side gunwales, terminating at stern below base of motor hatch. Cover is wear-reinforced at peak of windshield and is designed for trailering.

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