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1967 Sportsman LDFV  L.Shuster

Last Updated:

22 December 2006


The vessel is powered by an inboard, four-stroke, gasoline, marine engine. Located aft within an enclosed engine compartment with a hinged service-access cover. The propulsion is provided by an engine/stern drive unit identified as an OMC-Buick Marine V6, Model Number HUE-14D, Serial Number W-42302. The engine is directly raw water-cooled and is normally aspirated with a Holley Marine 4160 carburetor, fitted with a Barton USCG-approved flame arrestor.

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The engine is 12-volt, electrically started, fitted with an Evinrude mechanical-cable remote throttle and electric push-button shift control. Basic instrumentation includes: Fuel level, RPM tachometer, Speedometer, and Ammeter. Warning lights are provided for high temperature and low oil pressure.

The engine is coupled to an original, transom-mounted, high-profile, OMC electric-shift stern drive with electrical power out drive lift. A 14 diameter x 16 pitch, 3-bladed, pin-drive aluminum propeller is fitted. A spare propeller is stowed within the vessel.

Comments:  Engine and stern drive assembly checked and found in serviceable condition. Carburetor and fuel tank recently cleaned (04/2004) and overhauled. Transom-ring seal, appeared leak-free. Engine compartment is adequately ventilated. Engine compartment found dry, clean and original.