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29 April 2006

Hellroaring Technologies -- Dual Battery Solid-State Iso-Combiner 

Dual Battery Isolator-Combiner (read a product review)

Hellroaring offers several popular marine installation options.  Read about Hellroaring's unique LED Diagnostics. The device is simple and effective. When the alternator output reaches a charging voltage the BIC "combines" both batteries so they are charged. If the alternator voltage drops, the batteries are safely and automatically isolated from each other. No operator intervention is required.

I decided on the simple and cost-effective dual battery setup without using separate manual 1/BOTH/2 switches. I installed the optional Hellroaring remote control micro-switch with remote diagnostic LED at the helm (not shown). This allows remote operation in three modes: AUTO -- MANUAL BATTERY COMBINING -- MANUAL BATTERY ISOLATION.

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