Electrical Systems

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1967 Sportsman LDFV © L.Shuster

Last Updated:

22 December 2006


The vessel is fitted with a 12-volt electrical system powered by a Group 24 Exide Marine battery. The battery is secured and located aft and routed to a master switchboard/fuseblock at the helm console with labeled toggle switches, controlling: 1) navigation & anchor lights, 2) Interior map/chart light, 3) instrument lights, 4) bilge pump/blowers, 5) power stern drive lift, and 6) key-lock engine start-run.

Three, push-button switches are provided for forward – neutral - reverse gear shift operation. An ammeter monitors electrical loads and charging status. The engine has a 30-amp alternator. and  A GM HEI (High Energy Ignition) System upgrade is planned to replace the original battery - coil - points - distributor ignition system. A 12-volt, fuse block and electrical accessory outlet is located at the helm console. The battery is securely mounted within the engine compartment.

Comments:  Vessel’s electrical systems are setup properly and observed to operate as designed. The battery was recently replaced (03/2004) and was observed fully charged and capable of starting and running the engine and operating all on-board accessories. The engine ignition system was recently (05/2004) tuned to specification.