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1967 Sportsman LDFV  L.Shuster

Last Updated:

07 January 2006

Various Evinrude Models Weight/Speed Data:
Source: Original Manufacturer's Brochures

Evinrude Model Published Weight
(Hull & Engine)
Top Speed (mph)
at Sea Level,
w/ (1) crew aboard
Playmate 90 V4 I/0 1200 lbs. 35 mph
Sportsman 90 V4 I/0 1330 lbs. 33 mph
Sportsman 120 I-4 I/0 1750 lbs. 36 mph
Sportsman 150 V6 I/0 1850 lbs. 40 mph
Lee's Sportsman 215 V8 I/O 2005 lbs. (est.) 44 mph (est.)
Sport Fisherman 120 I-4 I/0 2050 lbs. 32 mph
Rogue II / Dolphin 210 V8 I/0 2450 lbs. 40 mph

Calculator of Boat's Potential Top Speed:
from Load, Power & Altitude 

Enter your boat's values in cells: 

Engine Advertised Power:
Empty Hull Weight & Engine (lbs): lbs
Number of Passengers
@ 170 lbs each:
Fuel and Gear (lbs): lbs
Altitude above sea level (ft):
(power loss = 4% per 1000 ft ASL)

Hull Efficiency factor:
enter 165 to 225:

OMC Boats use 170 - 175 or 180 if using SST prop

Calculated Top Speed: mph
(Gross Weight):
Prop-shaft Horsepower: hp
Calculator provided for non-commercial use only.

Calculator Credits:

Speed formula by Clark Roberts;

JavaScript by John Desha;

Load & Altitude compensators:
 by Lee Shuster.

All Rights Reserved.

Note: If calculator fails to display, click here to download Excel spreadsheet version.