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Click here to view recently completed e-bay (consumer electronics category) auctions of vintage H.H. Scott gear. Please be patient as e-bay loads the current information into the new window and you are now required to login to view ebay completed transaction.

Use this information for "what it's worth." While a picture's worth a thousand words, the condition and value of these items can and do vary, sometimes unpredictably. Cosmetic condition, tube compliment and availability, export demand, and product reviews that rediscover the "lost" qualities of a particular component, are just a few of the factors that can affect pricing. Caveat emptor!

Other price guides that deal with vintage hi-fi vacuum tube gear can also be consulted:

ClassicAudio.com tracks recent documented internet sales of audio equipment with makes sorted in alphabetical order on their web site.

The Vintage Hi-Fi Price Guide, is published by Charlie Kittleson, of Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine fame. Also check out their companion series, Vintage Hi-Fi Spotter's Guides. (Linked-online book purchases help support this site).

AudioMart, established in 1974 by Walt Bender, is another well-respected periodical for the buying and selling of used audio equipment. Contact them at:

Rte. 3 Box 692
Crewe VA 23930 USA
Telephone: (804) 645-8816
Fax: (804) 645-8324

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