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Editor's Note: Please mention the Vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Web when contacting the following suppliers. Thanks! Contact the webmaster with any suggested additions.

This a directory of manufacturers, retailers and providers of vacuum tubes and related products and services. It is by no means exhaustive and is continually being updated. The presence of a business on this list does NOT constitute endorsement by VHHScott Hi-Fi Archive. If any link is incorrect or obsolete, please notify the webmaster. Please submit new links for consideration to the webmaster.

The following organizations specialize in supplying New Old Stock tubes:

Angela Instruments

Steve Melkisethian

(301) 725-0451
Antique Electronic Supply

(480) 820-5411

ATSI Vacuum Tubes

Ken Chait
(561) 434-3799

Attic Tubes
(703) 255-3218
Audio Electronic Supply
(919) 460-6461
Coastal Concepts, aka, Tube World

Brendan Biever

(920) 208-0353
Handmade Electronics
 (610) 432-5732
Kropotkin NOS Tubes
Mike & Donna Kropotkin
(703) 432-5732
KW Tubes
Gintaras Sakenas
+370 8659259
Lazy Lightning
(303) 377-7089
Leeds Electronics
(718) 963-1764
Radio Electric Supply

Dale & Roy Rogalski

(352) 332-8881
Salt Lake Instrument Repair

Bill Davis

(801) 487-2541
Silk Electronics

Robert Silk

(801) 583-6616
SND Tube Sales

Michael Marx

(314) 770-0119
STF Electronics

Pat Bunn

(864) 573-6677
Triode Electronics

Uncle Ned

(773) 871-7459
Tubes on the Web

Phil Frakes

(405) 971-7999
Tube World

Bredan Biever

(920) 208-0353
Upscale Audio

Kevin Deal

(909) 931-9686
Vacuum Tube Valley

Charlie Kittleson

(707) 263-5881
Vintage Tube Services

Andy Bouwman

(616) 454-3467

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