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Scott 311-A Wide-band FM Tuner

HHS_311A_SD_Web.jpg (162915 bytes)
(click on drawing for detailed view)

Most H.H. Scott FM tuner designs (including those found in AM/FM models) were closely based on the Type 311-A Wide-band Tuner design dating from 1955. The 311 introduced the 3-tube, IF/Limiter section used on ALL Scott tube tuner designs (except the 4-tube IF-section, 310-series) and the final "Compactron" 370/LT-111 design. One typical variation (Type 314) was to substitute a 6FG6 "magic-eye" for the signal meter.

Nearly all Scott tuners used the same "silver-plated," cascode, front-end tuning gang using the 6BS8/6BQ7A and the 6U8.


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