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Scott FM RF Front-end designs evolved through three generational stages. But it's a safe bet to estimate that the vast majority (80 to 90 percent) of all Scott tube tuners manufactured from 1954 to 1968 used the 1st-generation, "Z-FM-3" tube RF front-end design.

The 1st-generation Scott tube tuner design incorporated the 6BS8/6BQ7A and 6U8A tubes in a modular "Silver-plated" tuner assembly. All Scott FM tube tuners (with the exception of those types listed below) used this "Scott-standard" 2-tube, Cascode FM front-end, which was sometimes referred to as the "Z-FM-3" assembly.

The 2nd-generation Scott FM tube tuner design incorporated Compactron tubes, in 1962 into the 370-series (and LT-111, kit version) "entry-level" FM-MPX Stereo tuners.

The final (tube) and 3rd-generation Scott FM tube tuner design incorporated Nuvistor tubes. The Scott Nuvistor design tuners appeared in 1964-65 and included the 4312, 312(A) and LT-112(A) and the 348(A) receiver. These designs were actually tube/solid-state hybrids; incorporating solid-state IF and preamp sections. Scott Nuvistor FM tuners/receivers were soon "up-dated" with FET front-ends in 1965-66, an industry first.