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Editor's Note: The following amplifier service recommendations appeared  in nearly all the H.H. Scott Factory Service Bulletins:


"....Check the tubes, particularly those in the power output stage and the rectifier every year. If the tubes are outside the manufacturer's rating or show gas, they should be replaced. Gassy tubes may damage other components of the circuit.

When the amplifier is being checked yearly, clean the tubes of dust so they may radiate their heat more effectively.

If, at any time the hum or noise increases noticeably, check the power tubes. This symptom is often an indication of gassy tubes.

If the amplifier blows fuses frequently, check the line voltage. If it rises above 125 volts, drop the line voltage by means of an auto-transformer (Variac) or place a voltage regulator transformer between the amplifier and the line. If the voltage is correct, check the amplifier itself. Do not use fuse sizes other than the fuse specified."


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