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"The original" Type 111-B
 "DYNAURAL" Noise Suppressor
3-tube, outboard processor

HHS_111B_SD_Web.jpg (136350 bytes)

(Click on drawing for detailed view)

The DYNAURAL Noise Suppressor was a patented design from the labs of Hermon Hosmer Scott that launched  H.H. Scott, Inc., as a firm. Think of DNS as the "Dolby System" of the post World War II era. It permitted scratchy and noisy 78 RPM records (then the primary media) to be enjoyed on higher-end radio/phono consoles.

Scott did offer the DNS system under license (much like Dolby Labs) to other vendors such as E.H. Scott and Fisher. HHS also offered DNS on its own flagship products such as the dedicated DNS processors: 111-A/B, 112A, and 114. DNS Preamps include the mono 121-series, and Stereomaster 122.  Mono-integrated amps with DNS include the 210-series, 211 and 212 types. Stereo-integrated amps with DNS include the 272 and 296 types.

A form of DNS even found it's way into Scott consoles in the early sixties. Scott marketing "borrowed" the "DYNAURAL" name on the 310-FM Tuner series, calling it "DYNAURAL Interstation Noise Suppression," a.k.a good old-fashioned "Squelch" among DX'ers.


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