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Check the chassis mounted fuse holder and replace fuses with the correct rating and type. Never run a fuse with a higher rating than what is specified.

Check the condition of the power cord and replace if worn, cracked, or frayed.

Flush all the controls, contacts and switches with contact cleaner (Cramolin R-5) followed by a spray of DeOxIt. This procedure will clean the accumulation of dirt out of the component, and also leave a protective deoxidizing coating on the contacts in the component. Also do this to the tube sockets. Re-tension the tube sockets with a dental pick.

Wipe up any excess spray that ends up on the chassis with a an old soft cotton T-shirt. 

Removing heavy oxidation or pitting from the chassis is probably not a good idea at this stage. If you find it necessary to clean the chassis or faceplate !USE CAUT!ON! not to rub off tube legends,  faceplate or tuning dial lettering/numbering.

Avoid scratching and rubbing by using compressed air and/or a soft brush. Remember. While cleaning makes the amp or receiver look nice, it is not necessary for the amp or receiver to actually function. 


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