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While the heart and soul of vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi equipment is obviously tubes (and transformers); the engineers, designers and assemblers spent hours perfecting your product's sound using hundreds of other discrete electronic components.

Fortunately, the point-to-point hard wiring assembly and open chassis layout makes restoration of vintage H.H. Scott gear easy. 

Note: Some later H.H. Scott models did use small, pre-packaged electronic circuit modules, a.k.a. "PECs," for filter and equalization circuits. Fortunately, these multi-legged critters rarely crawl south. With a schematic, it is not too difficult to reconstruct a PEC from individual components.

The Type 222-B introduced the  PEC-222-ER Equalization circuit later used on 222-C/D, 299-C/D, and 233 amplifiers. The 299-C introduced the PEC-299 Rumble/Scratch Filter circuit.

The good news is that most (but not all) of the critical parts or components are still available from a number of reliable sources. For parts sources click here.


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