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Receiver tubes are the heart of your Scott AM/FM, FM-Mono or FM-MPX Stereo, tuner or receiver. The outstanding sensitivity and selectivity of Scott RF products was a tribute to conservative design and careful attention to detail. Many of the receiver (RF) circuits use tube types that are also used in typical amplifier (AF) circuits. Such examples would be the frequently used 6U8 and 12AX7 types.

Scott RF designs used fairly common tubes that, for the most part, were designed for the emerging television industry of the 1950's. Fortunately, today, most of these tubes are readily available, as NOS (new-old-stock) replacements.

Some later vintage H.H. Scott tube-types featured "Compactrons," followed by hybrid designs that featured "Nuvistor" tubes in the FM front-end, (i.e., the FM Cascode RF amp and the Mixer-Oscillator). The Scott Nuvistor-based "tube" tuners were actually hybrid designs, utilizing solid-state components for IF, MPX and final preamp output stages. The Nuvistor tube Cascode front-end was a short-lived transition to the FET Cascode front-end.

Note: Scott RF engineers were the first (outside military applications) to adopt the use of FET (Field Effect Transistors) in RF Cascode front ends, which permitted their solid-state tuners to achieve the outstanding cross-modulation rejection standards set by their earlier vacuum tube designs.

Typical Scott Tuner Schematic -- Type 311-A


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