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Hermon Hosmer Scott, Audio Pioneer, 1909 - 1975
From their Maynard, Massachusetts, research facilities, audio pioneers Hermon Hosmer Scott and Chief Research Engineer, Daniel R. von Recklinghausen made their mark on the Golden Age of the High-Fidelity landscape.

We cordially invite you to view their legendary Scott Stereomaster (vacuum tube) consumer electronic components including: FM Wide-band tuners, integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amps, receivers, turntables and speakers.  Over 100 vacuum tube products were introduced in a twenty-year span.

This site promotes sharing of information, understanding and historic appreciation of vintage H.H. Scott (vacuum tube) consumer high fidelity audio products produced from 1946 through 1966. For a chronological photo-tour of all products with index of available manuals and schematics, be sure and browse the recently added VHHScott InstaBase.

Sorry, but if you are looking for any information of later Scott electronic (solid-state) consumer products, may we suggest you look here.

Please enjoy your visit. There's a lot of information presented on over 200 pages within this site.  If you are looking for restoration or collector advice, please visit the best "self-help," moderated, online community dedicated to helping collectors of Vintage H.H. Scott (vacuum tube) products. Contribute your .022 F's worth in the Vintage H.H. Scott Hi-Fi Web Forum or join the E-List and exchange ideas with other "filament heads." (use the links at the bottom of every page).

We're always looking for ways to make this site more responsive to your needs. If you would like to contribute comments, links, photos, specs, please contact me.  I trust you'll find this site entertaining, informative and useful. 

Lee K. Shuster
Lee K. Shuster                                                                   04-Nov-2004
Vintage HHScott Hi-Fi Stereo Archive
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Note: This site is not affiliated or sponsored by H.H. SCOTT, Inc.  Be sure and visit the
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