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100 bhp per Litre

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24 April 2007

Over the initial nine months of this project a great deal of time was spent collecting and researching information. I've tried to organize (in the tabs to the left) some links that I found helpful.

The internet makes this task easy, but don't forget more traditional forms of information, such as books and manuals, often available at no cost in your local library.

One bit of advice, don't take everything you read (especially on list servers and forums) at face value. Check and re-check your information from multiple sources, and don't be afraid to ask questions. An excellent starting point is:

Hot Rod Magzine's Guide to Turbos, Part I

A Special "Thank You" is due to all the wonderful people in the "Turbo Mopar community" who contributed and helped make this project a success:

Derek Beland, Dempsey Bowling, Darren Dawes,
Mike DeMoss,
Gary Donovan, Dave Kalm,
Russ Knize, Cindy Lindsay, Brett Lindsey,
Thomas "Gus" Mahon (bless his soul),
Mike Marra, Mike Pruess, Nick Ruoti,
Bob Simons,
Rick Diogo, Cliff Ramsdell
and Lyle Ried