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Scott's first product, the Dynaural Noise Suppressor, was widely adopted by the commercial broadcast industry. Scott's Instrument Division gained fame as a manufacturer of precision laboratory instruments including sound level meters and analyzers for industrial and safety use.

Richard L. Kaye - WCRB Station Manager WCRB-FM of Boston, was only the third station in the world to pioneer FM Stereo multiplex programming with H.H. Scott equipment.

Richard L. Kaye, WCRB station manager (and future Chairman) collaborated on the design of the
Type 830 FM Multiplex Stereo Generator with
Daniel R. von Recklinghausen (R),
assisted by Thomas W. Pickett (L).
Daniel von Recklinghausen (R) and Thomas W. Pickett (L).

Type 830 FM MPX Stereo Generator

TYPE 830 FM Multiplex Stereo Generator



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