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"If it measures good and sounds bad, it is bad; if it measures bad and sounds good, you have measured the wrong thing."

- Daniel R. von Recklinghausen,
former Chief Research Engineer, H.H. Scott

An Engineering Dream Becomes a Reality (from 1963 H.H. Scott brochure)

Scott_4310 tn.JPG (5465 bytes)"At Scott there is a small group of dedicated engineers known as the Advanced Development Team. Under the direction of Chief Research Engineer Daniel R. von Recklinghausen, this famous team is responsible for advanced concepts like Wide-Band design....the Sonic Monitor....and Time-Switching multiplex circuitry."

"For many years the Advanced Development Team has been designing a new group of "dream" components....the Broadcast Monitor Series. The possibility of actually manufacturing these components seemed remote because they were designed to be "the ultimate" regardless of cost. Unique features and circuitry made the new series almost twice as expensive as any other components on the market."

Each Broadcast Monitor Series component came with a two year warranty, complete with its own laboratory test report indicating the exact measurements obtained by Scott engineers of the individual unit under test.

Editor's Note: The 4270, 60-watt Integrated Amplifier and the 4312 Automatic FM Stereo Tuner and not included here as they were both solid-state, "transistorized" designs.

4310 Wideband
Broadcast Monitor
FM-MPX Stereo Tuner
1963-1965 $475.00
The "flagship" Scott Tube Tuner

Separate Left/Right VU Meters
Separate Left/Right and Master Level Controls
Diversity Reception Switch
Stereo Threshold and DINS (squelch),
Relay-switched auto mono/stereo operation,
used large format "G" case,as did 296,340,355 types

22 lbs.

20 tubes (count 'em!)

(4) 6AU6
(2) 12AU7
(4) 7247/12DW7
(1) 6BS8
(2) 6JU8
(1) 6BL8
(2) 6T8
(1) 12BH7
(1) 6BN6
(1) 6AL5
(1) 6U8

(2) Selenium Rectifiers
4100 "DYNAURAL" Stereo Preamplifier 1964-1965 $350.00
"DYNAURAL" Noise and Rumble Filters
level controls on all inputs,
front panel tape input/outputs,
also used large format "G" case
If you have any information, photos, drawings or knowledge of this product,
Please contact us.
Stereo Power Amplifier 58 wpc
1964-1965 $450.00 Ultra-rare, 
shipping weight 60 lbs.

If you have any information, photos, drawings or knowledge of this product,
Please contact us.

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